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About Us

About us (i.e., me)

I am Jaap Murre and I spend a lot of my free time programming. Call it a hobby. I am also Full Professor of Theoretical Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam.

In 2017-2018, the Psychology Department transitioned from Dutch to English, and so many of my PowerPoint slides had to be translated. I found that online services, whether free or paid, did a horrible job and I ended up correcting countless errors by hand (and missing a few, to my embarrasment during lectures). The Dutch to English translation was really bad and I lost all my animations, diagrams, charts, and tables, which I had to manually update. Then, there were dropped capitals a messed up spaces and newlines. In the end, it would have been faster to translate it all myself.

After many mind-numbing hours of correcting imperfectly translated PowerPoint files, I finally broke down and started writing my own routines in Python using Google Translate. There had to be a better way! This soon worked better than any of the services I had tried, which is when I got the idea to offer the result as a service.

Given that writing and maintaining this software, which involves many, many subtle details, is quite time-consuming and given that hosting the website and using services like Google Translate is not free, a small fee is asked per translation.

My goal is that you can translate a PowerPoint file and use it after only a few minutes of verification with perhaps some minor edits, which is what I was able to do in the end. This is much better than spending hours clicking and editing to correct all the non-translated bits, mistakes, re-adding lost formats, and trying to revive no longer functional animations!