Office Document Translator

Q & A: Questions and Answers

More or less frequently asked questions and answers

  1. Q. Your website is called Yet, you only offer PowerPoint translations. Why is that?
    A. We plan to extend our services with other document formats in the near future. PowerPoint was our first
    priority as we ourselves spent countless hours pointing-and-clicking while translating presentations from
    Dutch to English. It is also a tricky format to get right, because presentations do not have long stretches of running text but rather small fragments in many formats within slides, tables, charts, etc., which makes it more interesting and challenging for us: And the more of these details we get right, the better this translation service.

  2. Q. Can I translate a .ppt file?
    A. Yes.

  3. Q. Can I translate a .pptm (macro-enabled PowerPoint) file?
    A. Yes.

  4. Q. Will you offer other translation backend options like Yandex or Microsoft in the near future?
    A. Yes, we will. We have evaluated these and both the number of languages they support and the quality of their translations is excellent. There are also new services that have our interest like, DeepL.

  5. Q. Will you offer other forms of payment in addition to PayPal in the future?
    A. We will, if there is a demand for it.