Office Document Translator


While we strive for perfection, we are limited somewhat by the current state of technology

Translation quality

Google Translate is usually excellent, sometimes a bit quirky, and occasionally completey wrong. We use it as our backend, as we feel that it is the best option at the moment, though we are considering offering alternative backends for translation. Though we are committed to fix as many of the quirks of the backends as we can, we do not and cannot guarantee a perfect translation.

N.B. Often we find that ‘mistakes’ we detect are actually small errors in our own source text, which then confuse Google Translate.

Language localizations

Google Translate does not allow selection of specific localizations of a language, say, British English (en-UK) instead of the default, which is American English (en-US). There is currently nothing we can do about this, though we are looking at other online translation services and may offer this in the future.

Capital letters and spacing

In rare cases capitalized words lose their capital (mainly single words). Also, here we have taken active measures to correct dropping of capitals by Google Translate and continue to monitor this issue. For some cases there is no good solution. For example a German noun, like ‘Baum’, translated into English could be either ‘Tree’ or ‘tree’; because German nouns are always capitalized, it is ambiguous whether the capital signals a title capital or not.

Google Translate adds a lot of new spaces in places where there were none before. Our algorithms usually succeed in correcting this, So spacing and newlines are preserved but occasionally things still get messed up, especially in text segments with many abbreviations and brackets. We continue to monitor this.


Google Translate is not secure in the sense that even if we do not store your data on our service (at least not for longer than 7 days), Google still can do this for the purposes of improving future translations. See If this is a problem for your use case, do not use our service.